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Man of Mystery - Part I PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shiftless   
Thursday, 21 September 2006

 The mystery mindset 

Sorry. But I can’t generalize on this one, and it is always risky to extrapolate a conclusion from a single data point (myself). Even so, I think that the common feeling among baristi that the mystery shopper is “out to get me” is misplaced. I know that it is not true when I go on a mystery-shop job.


I just follow the instructions for the job and try to be inconspicuous because a mystery shopper is not supposed to be noticed. (Sometimes, there are “revealed shops” but mostly not.)  I’m not out to “get” anyone, and I feel good about awarding high marks when they are deserved.


The shopper gets two things, usually, out of an assignment. First, they get paid for doing it. Second, generally they get reimbursed for small items that they bought during their store visit. All together, this is usually only a small amount of money even counting the value of the freebie. Any one small-purchase assignment is not going to be that important to a mystery shopper, but in the aggregate, I think that most shoppers ( at least if they are like me) will want to do a good job so that they can continue getting their free stuff.


They are not against you. They are for themselves, but you are not their enemy.


I will delve further into the economics in Part II of this series.

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