What’s a “Shiftless Baristo?”
Written by Eric S. Chen   
Thursday, 15 June 2006
The Founding Joke of www.BARISTO.net 

An espresso-bar store manager once faced a managerial crisis when suddenly, all four of his shift supervisors gave notice in the same week. Scrambling to find replacements, the hapless manager discovered that company policy prevented him from simply promoting experienced baristi into shift positions. This was because the company required that the supervisory candidate complete the mandatory shift training. Researching further, the increasingly pressed store manager learned that all of the scheduled shift classes in his region were booked for several months with candidates who were already slated for assignment to other stores.
Driven to distraction, the beleaguered store manager exclaimed, "if I can't get some class, I might be shiftless indefinitely!"

This site is founded by The Shiftless Baristo - an espresso professional who has never been, and does not want to be, a Shift supervisor or manager in the coffee shop. I am also one of the columnists.

Certain prominent coffee store chains refer to their espresso professionals as "baristas."

Being a man, I am not a "barista" despite the term that my employer applies regardless of gender. (Please see my column "Baristo, Barista, Baristi.") I am a BARISTO. If I had the effrontery to claim that I were a truly great baristo, I might call myself a baristissimo; but really, that would be immodest in the extreme.

Welcome to BARISTO.net. Enjoy your visit!

copyright 2006 Eric S. Chen for www.BARISTO.net.

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