Call For Articles: The SCOW Chronicles
Written by Shiftless   
Thursday, 21 September 2006
Please submit your "Stupid Customer" (Challenging Customer) true stories to BARISTO. copyright 2006 by Eric S. Chen for

Recently, I published what I hoped would be the first "SCOW Chronicle," the story of the graham cracker thief.

Every working barista or baristo has her or his own story about personal experience with a difficult, obstreporous, or demanding customer. Please write in and share with the rest of us what happened, how you dealt with it and what we all can learn.

The only rules: the account must be true.

Let's make The SCOW Chronicles an onoing feature, and a shared one among the online community of baristi.

To submit a story, register with BARISTO, log in, and use the Messaging tool to send a message to Shiftless.  Or, you can contact BARISTO using the "Contact Us" button on the menu bar.


- Shiftless

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